Summer 2015 in Review (with pictures)

Wow, what a summer!Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 4.07.14 PM

Furry-feathered animals welcome us to camp. The chickens and ducks do more than entertain us though…
IMG_8130After eating loads of leaves, seeds and bugs, they offer us food to eat.
Food! It’s all about great food!

That food we turn into meals, prepared by the campers, from scratch!

Of course, it must first be harvested.IMG_7635

At times, we take breaks to check on the chickens (to make sure they’re OK).

And, yes, sometimes the food comes from nearby farmers like Hazzard Free Farm or delivered by cool farmers like Trale of Chestnut Cliff Farm (both families have been farming on their lands for 150+ years).IMG_8214

Farmer Melvin also delivers sweet corn he picks earlier in the day.
As nice as it all that is, and it is nice, the best part may be eating all the deliciousness!

IMG_7819Well fueled, we’re ready for outdoor adventure all over the place.IMG_7938
On, or over, the hay bales.IMG_7828

In the trees.IMG_7951

Getting our hands dirty in the creek 🙂IMG_8257

Making art in The Creation Station.11895066_1163348357013420_8587407576564485638_o

Or working on Food System dioramas in The Wood Shop.IMG_8271

Oh, and don’t forget chores. It seems like there’s always work to be done- like taking care of the goats.IMG_8180

After chores, we go explore a bit. Sometimes, even with storyteller and naturalist .

If we’re out of gas, maybe we take it easy.IMG_8299


We want to make sure we have enough energy to test our muscles.
Or to create musical performances.IMG_8018

To entertain at the campfire.IMG_7795


But before long, it’s time to head for bed.IMG_8322


Who would have thunk it’s possible to have so much fun without electronics and processed food?11822690_1149461121735477_6214630600188331278_n

Thanks also to our hostess. Nance Klehm welcomed us to her land and taught workshops where we learned about our connections to nature.


Speaking of connections, did I mention Food?

Or tell you who loves the broccoli?IMG_8102

What a summer!