Campers experience a lifestyle that is simple, rugged and exciting. Helping to run the farm, the setting offers a safe, yet challenging environment for kids to discover, grow, do and make while enjoying the great outdoors.
Our days are filled with movement and fueled by good food and great fun.





Even though camp days are long and we need loads of energy, we think of food as far more than just calories. Food connects us and everything around us, and campers are intricately involved in the food we share.
Much of what we eat comes from on-site at Angelic Organics Learning Center. Part of the rest we source from local farmers e.g. Hazzard Free. Nearly everything is certified organic.
Angelic Organics Learning Center has a certified kitchen and dining area in the Lodge where we can do meal prep, but there are other areas campers will be involved, largely outdoors. We use the bike blender for breakfast smoothies (and pesto), the brick oven for pizza (and roasting veggies) and campfires for cook-outs.
We consider food as medicine and, through positive interactions throughout, including offering a wide array of tastes and textures and sharing meals together, we foster healthy relationships with food. For 2019, we plan to focus on campers learning food practicality, i.e. skills they can take home and put to use.



The Lodge at Angelic Organics Learning Center has a floor for girls and a floor for boys, along with bathrooms and showers.
Campers will also have the chance to sleep under the stars in our large canvas bell tents (16.4' across) on cots at least one night. This will be our 'camp-out' experience where we will  contend with weather, bugs, and the challenges of no electricity. A character and grit-building experience that the kids love!



Health & Safety

We take very seriously the responsibility which comes with being caretakers of your children. Nature's Farm Camp at Angelic Organics Learning center foster the safety and security of our campers with a low camper-to-staff ratio. Our community-oriented philosophy also encourages kids to look out for each other. We have first aid supplies on-site to tend to the every day mishaps of being outdoors, and the staff trained to use them. In the event of an emergency, we have procedures in place and a hospital within 15 miles.
To help keep the safety of campers in the forefront of camp operations, we use a system that provides camp health staff instant access to vital medical information and tracks allergies, medications, and illness/injury for each camper. screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-47-02-am