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December, 2018

Camp 2018 was our best yet. Each week, we began with high expectations (we believe kids are more capable than they know) and the kids delivered greatness.

In an effort to continue to improve the camp experience, we reflected and, after good discussions, decided to bring camp to Angelic Organics Learning Center and run camp with them. The set-up, and the organization and their mission, are all awesome and we can hardly wait! We will still aim for smiles, but it's got to be more. If the goal is just fun we'd send them to a waterpark.

Winter events will be posted later this month. In the meantime, please give kids responsibility. They are creative and competent.

Camp signup for 2019 has begun HERE.

P.S. Camp photos from this summer are mostly on Facebook, but also Instagram.
For more information on Angelic Organics Learning Center, take a peek at their website.

P.P.S. Nature's Farm Camp won the Golden Beet Award in the 2018 Community Food Project category, from the Illinois Stewardship Alliance.

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Select Media Coverage

A piece titled "Fresh from the Farm" about Tim Magner and camp in the Loyola Academy magazine (page 4 & 5). A guest article in 2017 on Good Food on Every Table and also in 2016 on Good Food on Every Table, a piece on Farm Camps in Chicago Crain's Magazine and a guest post in the nationally acclaimed Fed Up with Lunch.

The Mike Nowak (radio) Show interviewed us and Rob Gardner of The Local Beet gave us a shout-out in his Good Food Fest Wrap-up. We were featured on WGN TV Mid-day News. Note: for the TV gig we borrowed a couple things from awesome Chicago friends, e.g. microgreens from local food innovator The Urban Canopy and the flat of mint from The Kilbourn Park Organic GreenhouseGood Food on Every Table featured an article on Farm Camp .

p.s. We're thrilled to be supporting members of the Chicagoland coalition of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We love the local 'Band of Farmers.'