We evolve…and partner with Angelic Organics Learning Center!!!

We evolve…and partner with Angelic Organics Learning Center!!!

Our first summer four years ago, we heard lots of original lines from campers, many of them posed as questions, e.g.:

“You mean us kids are caring for the goats and chickens?”

“Wait a second, did you just say we’re harvesting from the garden and cooking the food?”

“We’re doing all those dishes?”

It didn’t take long to realize we were on to something: a working farm, coupled with wilderness and great food made for a perfect setting to teach connections between food and health. More importantly, we worked hard to build a culture where kids  make choices and gain independence, while learning to communicate and collaborate.

While the camp mission and the quality of the team were the focus, we also understand the importance of the actual campsite. It provides the physical space for the kids to roam and explore, to flourish and grow.

So, when we began talking camp with Angelic Organics Learning Center (AOLC) and learned of their expansion plans, we were interested. AOLC has been teaching for twenty years, but it wasn’t until they bought an adjacent farm and lodge two years ago, that an overnight camp could happen. After fruitful conversations, we decided to bring our two camps together to create one world-class experience.

Not only are we mission aligned (it’s got to be fun, but it’s got to be more than just fun), this site is amazing. There’s nothing like it in the midwest – two hundred acres of water, woods, fields, animals, buildings, animals and production vegetables. Plus on-site farm educators.

We believe in kids – we’ll always begin each week with high expectations – and love that we have an even better environment for them to flourish. As caring guides, we’ll be there to support them along the way.

Here’s to Helping to Grow Great Kids.

Love & Peas,
Nature’s Farm Camp at Angelic Organics Learning Center

P.S. As you can see from the photos below, AOLC has experience with the same thing we do. It’s going to be a great summer!!

P.P.S. AOLC does more than just camp. More info HERE.

Camp Schedule & Activities

Camp Schedule & Activities

Rather than a schedule with pre-set activities, our weeks on the farm are dictated partially by the interests of the campers. Non-negotiable, however, are chores and meals. It’s where we collaborate to accomplish goals, i.e. running the farm and feeding camp, and provides structure to the days.

Chores happen before breakfast and dinner and meals are served at 8:15, noon, 3:15 and 6:15. After lunch is siesta / rest-time. So, each week we begin with a framework, show the kids all the possibilities, e.g. building, art, nature, and then allow for tweaks to the time and frequency. More important to us is that kids get their ABC’s:

A: Autonomous – We ask the campers all about what is interesting to them and then offer choices, based on these interests.
B. Belonging: We welcome kids as they are and work to build community through fun.
C. Competence: Kids learn how to do things by doing things that are interesting to them, and led by caring guides who might also be subject experts.

Note: We do our best to include campers in ‘food’ every day, either harvesting, cooking one of the meals, or taking part in a food workshop, e.g. making bread, pesto, pickles, etc. Wednesday is pizza-from-scratch day. Campers are also involved in caring for farm animals each day.

Some of what we did the last two summers and some of what we plan for this summer:

Construction project, e.g. mini garden boxes with cedar wood
Survival Skills, like fire starting and foraging 101
Dino Egg Hunt (and Scavenger Hunt)
Outdoor Cooking (over a fire)
Mindfulness, Meditation & Yoga
Drum Circles
Boat Building
Jewelry Making
Cardboard and Duct Tape Games
Chopping Wood
Tie-Dye t-shirts or cooking aprons, with natural dyes
Pressing flowers & constructing frames
Nature art, e.g. charcoal sketch
Nature hike, with path and map making
Camp Drama Skit (& Thursday night Talent Show)
Wooden spoon making
Food Dioramas
Mural Painting
Homesteading with Deborah, e.g. sugar scrub, dryer balls
Carpet weaving, with natural materials
Solar oven construction and use
Camp Olympics and Capture the Flag

Our activity options are often decided through group decision making. All activities are actively supervised (and taught) by at least one staff. We insist one camper’s behavior never take away from another camper’s experience, or endanger oneself or the community. 

We understand (and celebrate) that each camper is different. Everything that happens at camp stems from: Why We Do What We Do